We are fortunate to have the most outstanding team! Meet the staff members from different fields who work side by side for a more sustainable future.


Aurelio Hidalgo
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Nargisse Nejda
Project Manager
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Davide Cecchini
Senior Postdoc
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Carmen Ortega
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Patricia Pérez 
Tenure Track Prof.
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Laura Blas
PHD student
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John Martínez 
PHD Student
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Álvaro Lorente 
PHD Student
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Aitor Palacios 
B.Sc student
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Laura Saiz 
PHD Student
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Former members

  • Dr. Noé R. Rivera (Ph. D., 2013) 
  • Dr. Yamal Al-Ramahi (Ph. D., 2013) 
  • Dr. Ángel Cantero, (M. Sc, 2013) 
  • Dr. Lara Pérez (B. Sc., 2014) 
  • Dr. Mercedes Sánchez (Ph. D., 2020)
  • Vanessa Rondón (M.Sc., 2021) 
  • Sandra Bosch (Ph. D., 2021)
  • Jorge Bravo (Ph. D., 2022)
  • Isabel Martín (B. Sc., 2022)
  • Andrés Hernando (M. Sc., 2022)
  • Carlos Huertas (B. Sc., 2023)
  • Martina Escorial (B. Sc., 2023)
  • Dr. Leticia L. Torres (2010-2013)
  • Dr. Marcos Almendros  (2016-2018)
  • Dr. Dione L. Sánchez (2018-2019)
  • Dr. Alejandro Herrera (2019-2020)
  • Dr. Diana Maté (2017-2021)
  • Dr. María Gimeno (2021-2023)


  • Esther Sánchez 
  • Sara Rodríguez 
  • Ana Peropadre 
  • Léa Margot
  • Rosanna Mattosovich 
  • Theofania Andreadaki
  • Diletta Arceri

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